Where in the world am I?

Hi, I’m Lydia! I love food, travel and learning about different cultures. I purchased a one way ticket to Mexico City with no set plans. After that it’s all up to chance.

Join me for tips on where to eat, budgeting, traveling and how to live like a local.

Follow me on my adventure – who knows where I’ll end up next!

  • A Sex Motel and Carnaval in Barranquilla - Barranquilla, a city on the Northern coast of Colombia, has the second largest celebration of Carnival in the world, after Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Carnival is a celebration that began in the 1700s in European Roman Catholic countries as a way for people to get all the devious deeds and vices out of their […]
  • Fishing for Piranhas in the Amazon - Visiting the Amazon had been highly recommended to me, although I wasn’t exactly a fan of the idea. Having grown up in a city, I much prefer cities to the countryside, or in this case, the jungle. When I pictured the Amazon, I thought of crazy heat and humidity, mosquitoes, giant spiders, and sleeping under […]
  • Off the Grid in Desierto de la Tatacoa - Desert de la Tatacoa, located about 6 hours South of Bogotá, had been recommended to me by someone I met while traveling in Mexico. It is a place that is often overlooked by tourists and rarely visited by locals. It’s not actually a desert at all but a dry tropical forest that has dried up over centuries. […]