Breakfast with Strangers and La Casa Azul

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I woke up starving – probably from all the walking we had done the day prior. I set out to find a delicious meal of street food for breakfast. My morning routine has been to get street food for breakfast from a different location each time and then wander around until I get lost. Thank god for Google maps.

This morning I stumbled upon a stand where two women were preparing quesadillas and sopes. I was a little intimidated at first to sit down and join the three other Mexican guys having their late breakfast or early lunch but decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. I ordered a sope for breakfast and it was quite a meal! Imagine a thick tortilla with beans, potatoes, your choice of meat then topped with Oaxacan queso! I was too hungry to take a picture of it but trust me they are well worth it and for a little over a dollar – you can’t beat the price.

I then took the subway to the Frida Kahlo museum known as La Casa Azul. This was not my first experience with the subway, however it was my first time taking it alone. It’s a strange feeling to stand out as much as I do. It’s what I wanted though – I wanted to take public transportation and travel the way locals do. I didn’t come all this way just to take cabs everywhere. Plus for less than 50 cents, you can get across the city without putting a dent in your budget.

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The subway cars can get uncomfortably full. Luckily women have the option to take separate cars from men. I haven’t had any unsafe or uncomfortable experiences as of yet but I can imagine being jam packed in a subway car full of men might invite the opportunity for trouble.

La Casa Azul was amazing and for only $6 – it was definitely worth it. It’s was such a strange feeling to look around and know that Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera once lived in this home. My favorite part wasn’t the art but the artifacts on display from their daily life. Frida’s paints and pastels – even her bed! Their kitchen was built in the old traditional style where cooking was done over a fire. They chose to keep their house this way and not update it with newer innovations in cooking.

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You can’t take photos in the actual home unless you buy a pass and since I’m doing this whole thing on a budget – the only photos I took were outside the home.

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3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Strangers and La Casa Azul

  1. ryan

    I loved seeing her bed and kitchen, I vaguely remember seeing her wheel chair as well? Can’t remember, but I did sit and sketch her court yard.


  2. riancaraco

    Lydia, I want to go traveling here with you. Your pictures and commentary are fantastic. You honestly could make a living taking people on a journey like this. I would be so scared to do it alone. With you, I would do it. Love it!


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