Afro-Cuban Dancers and Crazy French Women


I met a new Cuban friend named Enzo who told me about an Afo-Cuban place that had free live music on Sundays, Callejón de Hamel. It’s located on San Lazero right by the Centro Habana hospital. I went during the middle of the day in the hot blazing sun to check it out.

It was an amazing show! There were four African dancers and about 8 people singing and playing drums. I was sweating profusely just standing there, I have no idea how they were able to dance and play drums for hours.


That night I met up with my new German friend Tim to go over our travel plans for Cienfuegos. We ended up not being able to go because of Hurricane Matthew but I wasn’t sad about sending another week in La Habana.


He was with a Slovakian guy named Peter and a woman from France named Augustine. We decided to head to a local discoteca, King Bar in Vedado for drinks and dancing. Sunday to Thursday King Bar doesn’t charge a cover and has reasonably priced drinks. They also have air conditioning which is a huge plus. It’s located on Avenida 23 between Calles D and E.

On our way there Augustine approached some people on the street sharing a bottle of rum and asked them for a swig. I was thinking wow Augustine seems pretty friendly. When we got to the club she took her shoes off on the dance floor. The security guard asked her to put them back on and she began yelling that she thought Cuba was a place to be free with no rules.

Later when we were all standing around a table drinking and talking she returned with a bottle of rum that she had taken from the bar. Then filled her empty cup up all the way and then hid the bottle in the bar. This girl really likes to party.


Later on we went outside to smoke and she dunked her entire head into a fountain. This French girl was insane but I liked her. We proceeded to dance the night away into the wee hours of the morning. She was constantly taking people’s hats and sunglasses and putting them on and dancing with random guys. I’ve never been to France but something tells me I might like the place.

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