Pretend Cowboys and The World’s Best Mojito


The next day Lucas and I decided to head to the beach with our two new best friends. Lucas kept claiming we were on a couple’s trip which, I didn’t exactly agree with but, I let him have his fun. We were all so exhausted from the journey the day before we ended up sleeping in until noon and then heading to the beach. We had our new favorite cab driver, Jarnis take us.

The weather wasn’t particularly nice but the water was warm. The beach we went to is about a 10 minute drive outside of Trinidad called, Playa Anacon. It shouldn’t cost more than $5 CUC to go but for some reason it’s $10 CUC to return. Make a set price for drop off and return with one cab driver to save on costs.


We ended the evening and our last day with Annie and Ryan at a nearby ice cream shop. Lucas and I were asked by one of the staff what our plans were for the next day. She suggested riding horses to a nearby waterfall called Pilon. We had nothing planned and for only $12 CUC we thought why not.

The next morning we met the woman’s brother at the ice cream shop and he lead us to the horses. We saddled on and away we road. My horse began trotting, I was trying to remember what I had learned as at horse camp as a little girl but I couldn’t remember a thing.


The metal stirrups were rubbing against my ankles and cutting into them. The scenery was so beautiful though it distracted me from the pain. I kept thinking, I’m riding horses in the Cuban countryside!


After about 30 minutes of riding into the countryside we stopped at a hut where a man was singing and grinding coffee. He called me Shakira and Lucas, Leonardo Decaprio. We sat down and enjoyed a strong cup of coffee. There was also local made Passion Flower honey to sweeten the coffee with. I wasn’t sweetening my coffee with it, I was just eating it straight. It was the smoothest, lightest, most delicious honey I’ve ever had. Lucas enjoyed a cigar which he let me try but I didn’t care for much.


Back on our horses we road for another 15 minutes into the forest. We reached the spot where our guide would wait for us. We were to trek into the forest until we reached a waterfall. Our guide told us entrance into the park was $6.50 CUC. We think we were scammed on this one because there was no formal entrance to “the park” and no one taking money. We ended up paying him the entrance fee at the end.

We arrived at a peaceful and serene waterfall. The water was a beautiful blueish green color. There was even a small place to buy Mojitos or beer with a man playing the guitar and singing.


We immediately jumped in the water. It was a little cold at first but amazingly refreshing. We spent the next three hours sunbathing on the warm rocks and jumping back in the water when we got too hot.

Other tours of people showed up throughout the day. Some of the most daring would climb the rocks to jump down into the pool of water. I’m terrified of heights so I did not partake.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

After we had had all we could handle and were completely starving we headed back to our horses. By this time the two spots on my ankles were rubbed raw and I was not looking forward to getting back on that horse.

As the horse continued to trot back into town I felt more and more pain in my body with every step. The spots where the stirrups had been rubbing against my ankles were bleeding. I suddenly remembered one useful thing from horse camp! If I used my toes to push myself up while the horse is trotting I would be able to ride easier! That was probably the only thing that helped me ride that horse back into town. I don’t see myself getting on another horse anytime soon.

We had heard about a club in Trinidad that was located in a cave so, of course we had to check it out. To get there, you walked along a steep dirt road that was lined with stands selling, “the world’s best Mojito” for $1 CUC. As you passed each stand the bartender would yell, “world’s best Mojito!”


Entrance into the club is $5 CUC and it includes one drink. I would most definitely suggest pre-funking on the way up as drinks are pricey in the cave at $3 CUC for a little plastic cup of beer or liquor of your choice.

The club was literally underground inside of a cave. This is definitely a tourist attraction but worth it. It was full of tourists trying their best to dance to reggatone. The cave was even dripping water from the ceiling making for a dangerous but exciting dance floor. If you’re in Trinidad this place is worth checking out as there isn’t particularly too much nightlife there.

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